Navy Blue Zebra Cape

After seeing Oona’s cape that she made recently, I just knew I had to have one of my own!  Unfortunately, I don’t think mine turned out quite as stylish as hers.  Mostly this had to do with me having a different pattern and I think her pattern was just so much better.

Cape (5)

After some searching, I decided to use Vogue 8959 in the medium length for my cape and I went off to my local Joann’s in search of some fabric.  I ended up choosing this pretty navy blue zebra jaquard.  I like that it was different with the zebra stripes going on, but still subtle at the same time.  It was really easy to work with and I complimented it with some silver top stitching and this really pretty “snowflake” button that I found (also at Joann’s).

Cape (12)

I did end up having some issues with my button hole.  My machine (Singer 110HD) just does not seem to like making them and unfortunately at the time my “new” backup machine (1970’s Bernina 830 Record Electronic) was in the shop getting serviced (funny enough, the button hole knob wouldn’t turn when I bought it from a coworker).  I’ll have to try it out soon and see if it does any better than the Singer.

Cape (3)

After I finished my cape and I was truly able to try it on, I’ve found that I probably could have made it in a small rather than the size medium that I went with.  It has a pretty drape and is overall not bad, but when I spread my “wings” you can really tell that it’s too big in the shoulders, which is surprising since my shoulders are usually the reason I need to go *up* in sizes!

Cape (2)

Anyway, after finding this blue zebra, I went in search of a lining.  I figured I would go with a flannel for some warmth and I found the perfect match!  Hot pink and white zebra!

Cape (13)


(please ignore the phone, I was using it as the remote for my camera for this photoshoot)

Okay, originally I was going to go with a different fabric, but there wasn’t enough.  But once I finished, I knew the zebra print was the only way to go.  For one, fabric #1 was one directional and the lining pieces are placed in opposite directions so half of my insides would have been upside down!  I definitely did not know that before fabric shopping.

Cape (4)

As for the pattern, it was really easy to sew.  The main thing I wish was different is that I wish it had facings so that my crazy lining wasn’t peeking out so easily in places (you can see it in the picture of the button).  Will I ever make this again?  No, but mostly because this is one of the most nonfunctional (for me) thing’s I’ve ever worn!  I may have to go back to add pockets on the insides or something, I don’t know yet.  Also, would you call this a cape?  The pattern calls it a cape, but when I tell people “I made a cape!” they immediately think of something Superman would wear.  Ugh.


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