Gabriola Skirt in Look at Me Red

I don’t have many pictures of this skirt, but I’m hoping to take some more/better ones later.  I made this in time to wear to a friends baby shower (which was obviously before I cut my hair, this is a late post since I kept wanting more pics, but it didn’t happen).  It was so comfortable!  It did make some of the games difficult, though!

I used a red linen that I bought at JoAnn’s.  I didn’t realize it was only 51″ wide, though, so I ended up having to go back for more.  Lesson here: always look at the bolt information!

Gabriola 4

The only bad news is my husband does not like it.  At all.  Ugh.  So now I’ll be wearing it *not* around him, I guess.

As for the sewing, I added about 5″ to the length, but I probably only needed 2″-3″ added, honestly.  I need to go back and hem it, but with Karl not liking it, I’m not sure if I  have the motivation.  Also, I can’t quite remember what my issues were, but I know I had to take in the sides from the waist to hip a few times to make it sit right.  I think I either didn’t cut the right size or graded it wrong between sizes.  I almost had some issues attaching the skirt to the contrast panels because of the point, but I figured it out.

Gabriola 2

Overall, though, I really liked the skirt and the flare it has and the panels.  I am definitely planning to make another one at some point in a slinkier material that doesn’t have to be ironed as often!


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