Floral Lady Skater

I have recently made this Lady Skater dress.  I have never made anything from a PDF pattern before, but I think I will do so again!  I like having access to it repeatedly without having to buy it again or spend time tracing if I don’t want to.

Amanda Renea: Floral Lady Skater Dress

The fabric is this Paisley Cotton Jersey from Mood Fabrics.  I had a friend request I use it for a maxi dress for her, but I fell in love with it and ordered enough for myself, too!  I did find it to be a bit sheer, so I found some white rayon jersey at the local Jo-Ann’s to do an underlining.  They are both super soft and comfortable.

Amanda Renea: Floral Lady Skater Dress

I didn’t make any changes to the pattern, just cut a straight size 4 with 3/4 length sleeves.  I think it fits pretty well!  Next time, though, I may make a few changes.  It’s a smidge short, but at least I have great legs! Ha!  Anyway, I may add about 2″ next time, especially if I end up with a lighter fabric that could be kicked up by the wind!  Or, if I happen to trip, as I am pretty clumsy:

Amanda Renea: Floral Lady Skater Dress

I may also lengthen the bodice another small bit, maybe an inch or so.  Maybe not.  But I will definitely try a different sleeve length, just for variety.  And, either way, I’ll be making this again!

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